Arôme récolte natural reed diffuser Floral 50ml

Arôme récolte natural reed diffuser Floral 50ml

🌷Soothing improves tired mood and helps relieve stress🌷


  • 🍀The blend of essential oils of Lavender, Geranium and Orange sweet will fill the room. Sweet floral scent and intense seduction, that’s what you need in your luxury room.
  • 🍀The containers and total production are all made in Japan.
  • 🍀ARÔMA RÉCOLTE is the series that use natural ingredients such as aroma oil extracted from plants. Natural scents are the strength of this series.
  • 🍀Enjoy aroma therapy with different scents on each occasion, such us relaxing, feel cheering, it will gently help with your heart and body.
  • 🍀Remove the cap of the bottle and place the diffuser bar to spread the aroma throughout the room.


Made in Japan.

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