DS Toothbrush

DS Toothbrush

Effective after using brush DS

✤ Completely remove plaque, one of the causes of periodontal disease.

✤ Teeth are cleaned every nook and cranny with ease with the compact brush head.


Made in Japan.

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Why should you use the DS brush?

  • Compact head that can polish every corner of your mouth without difficulty.
  • Ultra-fine & flat bristles remove plaque neatly.
  • Grip with soft rubber that is non-slip and can be polished firmly.
  • Curved handle that uses a lot of curved surfaces that are easy to fit in the hand.

 Describe the outstanding features of the DS brush

  • Designed with soft double bristles for easy access, effectively removing dental plaque.
  • Non-slip soft rubber handle.

Notes when using

  • Stop using and replace with a new brush when the bristles show signs of shedding or deforming.
  • Rinse and dry the brush after use.

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