V7 Brush Toothpick Methods

V7 Brush Toothpick Methods

  An idea born from prevention research on periodontal disease because periodontal disease is a disease that you can prevent yourself.

Effective after using brush V7

  • ✤ Strong gums
  • ✤ No bleeding and no dirty gums
  • ✤ Healthy gums and light pink color
  • ✤ No bad breath
  • ✤ Less loose teeth.
  • ✤ For the prevention of periodontal disease, it is important to maintain healthy gums that can fight off periodontal disease bacteria. The reason for this is that periodontal disease (gingivitis or periodontitis) progresses as gum resistance decreases.
  • ✤ Due to the mechanical irritation (massage effect) caused by the “toothbrush brushing method”, gum cells increase and inflammation can be cured. This cell proliferation was only seen in the areas where the toothbrush head was touched. Therefore, you need to polish with a toothbrush head between your teeth.


  • ✤ Purulent gums
  • ✤ Bleeding gums
  • ✤ Bad breath
  • ✤ Swollen gums
  • ✤ Difficulty biting hard foods.

Made in Japan.

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Why should you use the V7 toothpick brush?

  • Using other brushing methods, cleaning may only be possible depending on the area, such as the tooth surface or the bite area. But for V7 you can brush all teeth.
  • Suitable for people who wear braces or brush their teeth with implants.
  • Tried interdental brush and floss but not for long.
  • Difficulty brushing the inside of teeth and other areas with a regular toothbrush.

Describe the outstanding features of the V7 toothpick brush

  • The 2-row V bristles can easily reach between teeth.
  • Designed so the bristles can easily reach between the teeth. By using the toothpick method, you can effectively remove dental plaque and massage your gums.
  • Comes with a case for the long bristles.

Notes when using toothpick brushing method:

  • There may be significant bleeding from the gums, but the bleeding usually stops after one to two weeks. (This is because the gums become stronger due to the massaging effect of brushing.)
  • Swollen gums due to periodontal disease for a long time can cause the gums to recede.
  • It is recommended to brush thoroughly once a day for about 7 to 8 minutes.
  • If, after continuing with the toothpick method, you feel your symptoms worsen, please consult your dentist.

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