Natamame Kakishibu Toothpaste

Natamame Kakishibu Toothpaste

  • 🍊🌱 Sword bean extract and persimmon tannin plus salt from Naruto (Japan) freshen your breath!
  • 🍊🌱 Persimmon juice, which contains kaki-tannins, has a strong antibacterial action which works on the cause of odours that can bother you, removes plaque well and prevents bad breath.
  • 🍊🌱 Tooth whitening.
  • 🍊🌱 Purify the whole entrance, prevent bad breath
  • 🍊🌱 Prevent deposition of calculus and remove a cavity.
  • 🍊🌱 Everyday brushing leads to removal of stains and sparkling white teeth of origin.
  • 🍊🌱 Take the nicotine of the tooth
  • 🍊🌱 To support blood circulation, clarification of your blood and fluid. Immune function. It controls the balance of bacteria.
  • 🍊🌱 Without dental abrasives included, so you don’t have to worry about damaging teeth and gums.
  • 🍊🌱 To prevent from pasty mouth. Immune function, Not to be toothache nor tooth-bleeding.
  • 🍊🌱 This does not contain abrasive compounds, colorings, foaming agents or parabens.
  • 🍊🌱 To advise for adult and children using.
  • 🏆🏆 Monde Selection Award Toothpaste: Awarded a gold label for 5 consecutive years.


Made in Japan.

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Nataname oral care lineup’s introduction

  • Natamame is called Jack Bean. It is a plant of the bean family.
  • Natamame is used in Asia herbal medicine for treating the discharge of pus.
  • Natamame contains Saponin – It has the ability to foam for toothpaste and to be as same as antibiotics . It helps to prevent bad breath, oral bacteria, and oral diseases.
  • Nataname toothpaste only contains organic ingredients.
  • It controls the balance of bacteria and Immune function.
  • We guarantee this toothpaste is high quality &effective one.

What is NATAMAME’s benefits?

  • Teeth whitening.
  • Alpha hydroxy acid helps to remove dental stain, plaque, stickiness from the teeth and cigarette tar.
  • Good one keep your mouth clean and prevent gum disease, bad breath.
  • Preventing from dental caries.
  • Pasty mouth.
  • No abrasive compounds, colorings, foaming agents or parabens.
  • If you have problem in oral diseases, we would recommend NATAMAME toothpaste.
  • Only made in Japan.

Main Ingredients’ Effect of Natamame Kakishibu Toothpaste:

  • Toothpaste that prevents bad breath with the power of Sword bean and persimmon tannin.
  • Persimmon is known with many effects : Anti-inflammatory, Anti-infection, prevent the cancer, increase immune system, prevent natural hemorrhage, cure hiccup,…
  • In persimmon contains Tannin – A compound is acrid, that is used quite popular in folk medicine. Tannins are antibacterial, antiviral, prevent bad breath, and support to improve the dental diseases.
  • With blood clotting effect, it is not to be toothache nor tooth-bleeding.
  • Truly whitening teeth, freshen your breath.

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