IPST Cleansing & Washing

IPST Cleansing & Washing

Researched and developed by Hokkaido University.


5-in-1 Cleaning solution: Makeup Remover, Face Wash, Deep Cleansing Mask, Foam Facial Massage, Shaving.

⚜️ Cleaning mechanism like springs helps push dirt out of the pores, without causing damage to the skin.

⚜️ Deep clean, promote blood circulation, increase elasticity, bring healthy skin.

⚜️ Brings whiteness and transparency to the skin.

⚜️ Remove black heads, whiteheads.

⚜️ Special product that combines Fucoidan from Hokkaido University to increase moisture retention, anti-aging and bring firmness with ultra-fine Nano Platinum.


Made in Japan.

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User manual:

  • Take an appropriate amount on clean hands, spread foam all over the face, keep the foam form for 1 to 2 minutes, then gently massage and rinse thoroughly with water.


  • Do not place in a place where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, such as in direct sunlight or near a fire. Should be placed in a cool place.

Net weight: 180g

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