Oil diffusered machine

  • Car oil diffuser machine

    Relax your journey with favorite classy scent


    With the most modern technology:

    • Cold air atomization technology, without using water will ensure the interior of the car is not moldy and damp.
    • Essential oil is used economically thanks to the setting mode according to the user’s needs.
    • Start when the car is running, stop when the car is turned off or when the oil runs out. Very safe to use in the car, easy to use, ensuring the life of the machine.
    • Luxurious, compact design suitable for different types of car interiors.
    • Dispel fatigue and stress on your way.
  • Home oil diffuser machine

    Scent solution for your space.


    With the most modern technology:

    • Built-in light sensor, automatic shutdown when no light shines on.
    • No water, economical operation mode is set according to user’s needs.
    • The machine plugs directly into the power source, no need to run the power cord.
    • When the oil runs out, the machine automatically turns off. Very safe, easy to use and ensure machine life.
    • Luxurious design, compact as a decoration in your room
    • Suitable for use in homes, shops, spas, offices…

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