Face cleanser

  • Hot

    Face washing soap 80g

    • 💧 A secret of the elastic fluffy foam in this face washing soap.
    • 💧 Deeply take dust and dirt away ensuring a really clean skin for face.
    • 💧 To remove the blackheads and prevent from acnes.
    • 💧 To clean and moisturize your face’s skin.
    • 💧 Charm of green tea (Camellia sinensis + Camellia sinensis seed oil) and Aloe arborescens leaf extract is the excellent combination to deeply clean the face and keep it moisture.
    • 💧 Smooth and moisturizing nutrients.
    • 💧 Froth up the soap well by the foaming net, and wash your face gently in the palm. After that, rinse with clean water.
    • 💧 Encourage to wash your body but not only your face by this soap.
    • Daily use.


    Made in Japan.

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