• Bio Farming Fucoidan

    Research and development with Hokkaido University, Japan.


    Derived from the type of Algae that are biologically cultivated and only exist in the waters of Hokkaido, containing the best source of Fucoidan in the world.

    ⚜️ The ability to fight cancer is unique to Fucoidan, making this herb an invaluable gift from the Ocean.

    ⚜️ Awakening the human body’s natural self-healing ability.

    ⚜️ Anti-tumor and immunomodulatory. Anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory intestinal.

    ⚜️ Anticoagulant and antithrombotic activity.

    ⚜️ Antiviral without cytotoxicity. Improve immunity, pollen allergy.

    ⚜️ Prevents aging, reduces skin dryness, supports the treatment of skin pigmentation.

    ⚜️ Reduce blood lipids, protect the stomach, fight liver disease.

    ⚜️ Reduce blood sugar, help hair growth, fight anemia, improve constipation, prevent cholesterol accumulation.


    Made in Japan.


  • HSC Collagen Premium 10,000mg

    Combined with Tottori University, Japan – The best Collagen on the market is made from carefully selected high quality ingredients.


    Balance health, improve skin impressively.

    ⚜️ HSC Collagen frees you from symptoms like:

    • Fatigue, joint and muscle pain. Insomnia, not sleeping well, hangover, heartburn.
    • Dry skin, easily irritated, sagging and many wrinkles. Nails are brittle, hair loss is no longer smooth.

    ⚜️ With 6 premium ingredients in 1 collagen tube: 10,000mg Hydrolyzed Collagen from Red Seabream, Swallow’s Nest is treated with Enzyme, Royal Jelly, Concentrated Pomegranate extract and Vitamin C, it also contains 46 Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids.

    ⚜️ Different from all types of Collagen, with the vacuum method right after preparation, it does not contain additives and preservatives that will immediately penetrate into the body to bring immediate effects on health and long-term beauty.


    Made in Japan.

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